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"Stretching-Induced Conductance Variations as Fingerprints of Contact Configurations in Single-Molecule Junctions"
Yong-Hoon Kim, Hu Sung Kim, Juho Lee, Makusu Tsutsui, Tomoji Kawai
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 8286 (2017)
"Highly luminescent blue-emitting CdZnS/ZnS nanorods having electric-field-induced fluorescence switching properties"

Yonghee Lee, Somang Kim, Hyo Seok Kim, Jeong Bin Shin, Wonseok Choi,  Hyunjin Cho, Kyungmok Kim, Taeyang Lee, Jinwuk Kim, In-Byeong Kang, Kyung Cheol Choi, Yong-Hoon Kim* and  Duk Young Jeon*

J. Mater. Chem. C, 5, 2098 (2017)
"Epitaxially self-assembled alkane layers for graphene electronics"
Young-Jun Yu, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, Ji Il ChoiYoon Su Shim, Chul-Ho Lee, Seok Ju Kang, Sunwoo Lee, Kwang Taeg Rim, George W. Flynn, James Hone, Yong-Hoon Kim*, Philip Kim*, Colin Nuckolls* and Seokhoon Ahn*

Advanced Materials, 2016, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201603925

"Anomalous transport properties in boron and phosphorus co-doped armchair graphene nanoribbons"
Hyo Seok Kim, Seong Sik Kim, Han Seul Kim, Yong-Hoon Kim*

Nanotechnology, 27, (2016)

"Ultrafast discharge/charge rate and robust cycle life for high-performance energy storage using ultrafine nanocrystals on the binder-free porous graphene foam"
Gyu Heon Lee, Jung Woo Lee, Ji Il Choi, Sang Jun Kim, Yong-Hoon Kim*, and Jeung Ku Kang*
Advanced Functional Materials. 2016, DOI: 10. 1002/adfm. 201601355
"Coherent lattice vibrations in mono- and few-layer WSe2"
Tae Young Jeong, Byung Moon Jin, Sonny H. Rhim, Lamjed Debbichi, Jaesung Park, Yu Dong Jang, Hyang Rok Lee, Dong-Hun Chae, Donghan Lee, Yong-Hoon Kim, Suyong Jung, and Ki Ju Yee*

ACS Nano, 10, 5560-5566 (2016)

"Edge-selenated graphene nanoplatelets as durable metal-free catalysts for iodine reduction reaction in dye-sensitize solar cells"
Myung Jong Ju, In-Yup Jeon, Hong Mo Kim, Ji Il Choi, Sun-Min Jung, Jeong-Min Seo, In Taek Choi, Sung Ho Kang, Han Seul Kim, Min Jong Noh, Jae-Joon Lee, Hu Young Jeong, Hwan Kyu Kim*, Yong-Hoon Kim*, Jong-Beom Baek
Science Advances, 2(6), 2016
"Energy states of a core‐shell metal oxide photocatalyst enabling visible light absorption and utilization in solar‐to‐fuel conversion of carbon dioxide"
Dong Ki Lee, Ji Il Choi, Gyu Heon Lee, Yong-Hoon Kim* and Jeung Ku Kang*
Advanced Energy Materials. 2016, 1600583
"Extremely large gate-modulation effect in vertical graphene/WSe2 heterojunction device"
Jaewoo Shim, Hyo Seok Kim, Yoon Su Shim, Dong-Ho Kang, Hyung-Youl Park, Seong Jun Jung, Young Jae Song, Woo-Shik Jung, Jaeho Lee, Seongjun Park, Jeehwan Kim, Jaehyeong Lee, Sungjoo Lee*, Yong-Hoon Kim*, and Jin-Hong Park*
Advanced Materials. 2016, DOI: 10. 1002/adma. 201506004
"Carbon nanobuds based on carbon nanotube caps: a first-principles study"
Ji Il Choi, Hyo Seok Kim, Han Seul Kim, Ga In Lee, Jeung Ku Kang and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Nanoscale 8, 2343-2349 (2016)
"Recent progress in atomistic simulation of electrical current DNA sequencing"
Han Seul Kim, Yong-Hoon Kim*
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 69, 186-198 (2015)
"Conductance recovery and spin polarization in boron and nitrogen co-doped graphene nanoribbons"
Seong Sik Kim, Han Seul Kim, Hyo Seok Kim and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Carbon 81, 339-346 (2015)
"Atomistic mechanisms of codoping-induced p- to n-type conversion in nitrogen-doped graphene"
Hyo Seok Kim, Han Seul Kim, Seong Sik Kim and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Nanoscale 6, 14911-14918 (2014)
"A facile synthesis of multi metal-doped rectangular ZnO nanocrystals using a nanocrystalline metal–organic framework template"
Dong Ki Lee, Jung Hyo Park, Ji Il Choi, Yeob Lee, Sang Jun Kim, Gyu-Heon Lee, Yong-Hoon Kim* and Jeung Ku Kang*
Nanoscale 6, 10995-11001 (2014)
"Prediction of ultra-high ON/OFF ratio nanoelectromechanical switching from covalently-bound C60 chains"
Han Seul Kim, Jhinhwan Lee, and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Carbon 67, 48-57 (2014)
"Distinct mechanisms of DNA sensing based on n-doped carbon nanotubes with enhanced conductance and chemical selectivity"
Han Seul Kim, Seung Jin Lee, Yong-Hoon Kim*
Small 10(4), 774-781 (2014)
"Quantum interference in DNA bases probed by graphene nanoribbons"
Heejeong Jeong*, Han Seul Kim, Sung-Hoon Lee, Dongho Lee, Yong Hoon Kim* and Nam Huh
Applied Physics Letters 103, 023701 (2013)
"Boron-vacancy pairing and its effect on the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes"
Kyoung E. Kweon, Gyeong S. Hwang* and Yong-Hoon Kim
ECS Solid State Letters 1, M19-M23 (2012)
"Intrinsically low-resistance carbon nanotube-metal contacts mediated by topological defects"
Han Seul Kim, Ga In Lee, Hu Sung Kim, Jeung Ku Kang* and Yong-Hoon Kim*
MRS Communications 2, 91-96 (2012)
"Anomalous length scaling of carbon nanotube-metal contact resistance: An ab initio study"
Yong-Hoon Kim* and Hu Sung Kim
Applied Physics Letters 100, 213113 (2012)
전자구조 계산을 이용한 신재생 에너지 문제의 연구
Yong-Hoon Kim and Yong Hyun Kim
물리학과 첨단기술 21(1/2), 9-14 (2012)
"Conformational and conductance fluctuations in a single-molecule junction: Multiscale computational study"
Hu Sung Kim and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Physical Review B 82, 075412 (2010)
“Diameter dependence of charge transport across carbon nanotube–metal contacts from first principles”
Yong-Hoon Kim* and Young Moo Byun
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 55, 299 (2009)
"Electrical transport properties of nanoscale devices based on carbon nanotubes"
Yong-Ju Kang, Yong-Hoon Kim, Kee Joo Chang*
Current Applied Physics 9, S7-S11 (2009)
"Electrical and mechanical switching in a realistic [2]rotaxane device model"
Yong-Hoon Kim*
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 8, 4593-4597 (2008)
"Metal-independent coherent electron tunneling through polymerized fullerene chains"
Ga In Lee, Jeung Ku Kang* and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112, 7029-7035 (2008)
"Toward numerically accurate first-principles calculations of nano-device charge transport characteristics: the case of alkane single-molecule junctions"
Yong-Hoon Kim*
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 52, 1181-1186 (2008)
"Direct and defect-assisted electron tunneling through ultrathin SiO2…
Joongoo Kang, Yong-Hoon Kim*, Junhyeok Bang, and K. J. Chang*
Physical Review B 77, 195321 (2008)
"Charge transport through polyene self-assembled monolayers from multiscale computer simulations"
Christopher George, Hidehiro Yoshida, William A. Goddard III*, Seung Soon Jang and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 14888-14897 (2008)
"Efficiency of π−π tunneling in [2]rotaxane molecular electronic switches"
Yong-Hoon Kim* and William A. Goddard
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111, 4831-4837 (2007)
"First-principles approach to the electron transport and applications for devices based on carbon nanotubes and ultrathin oxides"
Yong-Ju Kang, Joongoo Kang, Yong-Hoon Kim, Kee Joo Chang*
Computer Physics Communications 177, 30-33 (2007)
"First-principles study of the electrical conductance of telescopically aligned carbon nanotubes"
Yong-Ju Kang, K. J. Chang, and Yong-Hoon Kim*
Physical Review B 76, 205441 (2007)
"Possible performance improvement in [2]catenane molecular electronic switches"
Yong-Hoon Kim*, Seung Soon Jang and William A. Goddard III
Applied Physics Letters 88, 163112 (2006)
"First-principles approach to the charge-transport characteristics of monolayer molecular-electronics devices: Application to hexanedithiolate devices"
Yong-Hoon Kim*, Jamil Tahir-Kheli, Peter A. Schultz, and William A. Goddard III
Physical Review B 73, 235419 (2006)
"Ab initio study of the effect of water adsorption on the carbon nanotube field-effect transistor"
Dongchul Sung, Suklyun Hong*, Yong-Hoon Kim, Noejung Park*, Sanghyeob Kim, Sung Lyul Maeng and Ki-Chul Kim
Applied Physics Letters 89, 243110 (2006)
"Structures and properties of self-assembled monolayers of bistable [2]rotaxanes on Au (111) surfaces from molecular dynamics simulations validated with experiment”
Seung Soon Jang, Yun Hee Jang, Yong-Hoon Kim, William A. Goddard III*, Amar H. Flood, Bo W. Laursen, Hsian-Rong Tseng, J. Fraser Stoddart, Jan O. Jeppesen, Jang Wook Choi, David W. Steuerman, Erica DeIonno, and James R. Heath
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, 1563-1575 (2005)
"First-principles study of the switching mechanism of [2]catenane molecular electronic devices"
Yong-Hoon Kim*, Seung Soon Jang, Yun Hee Jang, and William A. Goddard III
Physical Review Letters 94, 156801 (2005)
"Conformations and charge transport characteristics of biphenyldithiol self-assembled-monolayer molecular electronic devices: A multiscale computational study"
Yong-Hoon Kim, Seung Soon Jang and William A. Goddard III*
Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 244703 (2005)
"Molecular dynamics simulation of amphiphilic bistable [2]rotaxane Langmuir monolayers at the air/water interface"
Seung Soon Jang, Yun Hee Jang, Yong-Hoon Kim, William A. Goddard III,* Jang Wook Choi, James R. Heath, Bo W. Laursen, Amar H. Flood, J. Fraser Stoddart, Kasper Nørgaard, and Thomas Bjørnholm
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, 14804-14816 (2005)
"Density functional theory study of the geometry, energetics, and reconstruction process of Si(111) surfaces"
Santiago D. Solares, Siddharth Dasgupta, Peter A. Schultz, Yong-Hoon Kim, Charles B. Musgrave, and William A. Goddard III*
Langmuir 21, 12404–12414 (2005)
“Density functional theory studies of the [2]rotaxane component of the Stoddart−Heath molecular switch”
Yun Hee Jang, Sungu Hwang, Yong-Hoon Kim, Seung Soon Jang, and William A. Goddard III*
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126, 12636-12645 (2004)
“Optical excitations of Si by time-dependent density functional theory based on exact-exchange Kohn–Sham band structure”
Yong-Hoon Kim*, Martin Städele, Andreas Görling
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 91, 257–262 (2003)
“Exact Kohn-Sham exchange kernel for insulators and its long-wavelength behavior”
Yong-Hoon Kim* and Andreas Görling
Physical Review B 66, 035114 (2002)
"Electronic structure of ellipsoidally deformed quantum dots"
In-Ho Lee, Yong-Hoon Kim and Kang-Hun Ahn
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13, 1987-1993 (2001)
“Object-oriented construction of a multigrid electronic-structure code with Fortran 90”
Yong-Hoon Kim*, In-Ho Lee, Richard M. Martin
Computer Physics Communications 131, 10-25 (2000)
“Two-dimensional limit of exchange-correlation energy functional approximations”
Yong-Hoon Kim, In-Ho Lee*, Satyadev Nagaraja, Jean-Pierre Leburton, Randolph Q. Hood, and Richard M. Martin
Physical Review B 61, 5202 (2000)
“One-way multigrid method in electronic-structure calculations”
In-Ho Lee, Yong-Hoon Kim, and Richard M. Martin
Physical Review B 61, 4397 (2000)
"Density-functional study of small molecules within the Krieger-Li-Iafrate approximation"
Yong-Hoon Kim, Martin Städele, and Richard M. Martin
Physical Review A 60, 3633 (1999)
"Capacitive energies of quantum dots with hydrogenic impurity"
In-Ho Lee, Kang-Hun Ahn, Yong-Hoon Kim, Richard M. Martin, and Jean-Pierre Leburton
Physical Review B 60, 13720-13726 (1999)
"Shell-filling effects and Coulomb degeneracy in planar quantum-dot structures"
Satyadev Nagaraja, Philippe Matagne, Voon-Yew Thean, Jean-Pierre Leburton, Yong-Hoon Kim, and Richard M. Martin
Physical Review B 56, 15752-15759 (1997)

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